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Super Crypto Kart first look and game walkthrough

Super Crypto Kart is the first title made by Chain Games. They aim to build an entire decentralized gaming ecosystem for skill-based game wagering. Their team is made up of very talented people from Trustswap and are looking to release their 2nd title in Q4 this year. Where to start? Super Crypto Kart is available for download on both Mac and Windows. Once you have downloaded the game, open it up ...[Read More]

LiteBringer First Look and Game Walkthrough

LiteBringer is fully decentralized application RPG on the Litecoin blockchain. You will be able to level up your characters, obtain items, trade with other players and earn money. LiteBringer is developed by the makers of Tibia and you can expect lots of complex gameplay in-game. Where to start? In order to play LiteBringer, first download the game from the website. Once you have downloaded the ga...[Read More]

Sorare First Look and GameWalkthrough

Sorare is a digital collectible soccer trading card game where you can manage your team and earn prizes. There are currently 99 officially licensed clubs and counting. Big clubs such as Juventus, Athletico Madrid and Napoli are all part of this. Every card is a digital collectible with a limited quantity. Cards can be freely traded on the Sorare marketplace. Where to start? Head over to SorareR...[Read More]

Upland first look and walkthrough

Upland is a mobile virtual property trading game available on both Android and IOS. Virtual properties are mapped to the real world and owners can trade and earn money from them. Where to start? In order to play Upland, you have to download the game on your mobile device. You can download both the Android version and IOS version from their website. I’m using a Samsung Galaxy S9+ to run the g...[Read More]




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Shardtalk: Interview with Nicolas Julia, Sorare

In this episode of ShardTalk, the Co-founder and CEO of Sorare shared on bringing blockchain gaming to all football fans. ShardTalk is the gaming interview segment that connects our readers to people who are shaping the blockchain gaming space. This episode features Nicolas Julas Co-founder of Sorare, a top soccer collectible game. Let’s get right into it! Name: SorareGenre: Fantasy SoccerQuick In...[Read More]

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