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Game Visuals - 7.4
Gameplay - Array
User-interface - 7
Content - 8

Cryptonom is a free-to-play exploration-focused, turn-based RPG featuring unique creatures, called NOMs, that can be captured, leveled-up, and traded (on the Ethereum Blockchain).

Gather your desired party and venture through 6 varied Zones populated with quests, NOMs, unique landmarks, and characters to discover! Witness the growth in strength of your NOMs as they level-up on a visualized progression board. Utilize an array of tools designed to give you an edge in battle, like potions, craft-able consumables, Relics, and powerful Summons.

Choose which Path(s) fit your gameplay style best and reap Path-based rewards as you increase ranking through a non-linear character progression system.

Delve into a story of conflict and struggle as you learn about the past and present of the NOMverse in order to decide the future of its inhabitants.

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The Story: Lore

In The Beginning
The world was once a thriving utopia; NOMs roaming wild, coexisting with humans, it was an extraordinary era. Any NOM found in the wild was an organic existence…the natural order was pure and real. Anyone could have found a job or specialization relating to NOMs.

This era gave birth to the four Paths within the Cryptonom world: Champion, Guardian, Architect, and Explorer.

Your parents were masters of their craft, incredibly versatile in the knowledge of all NOM-related things, and their work was well-known throughout the populace.

Unfortunately, this did not last.

A group of people that would later call themselves “Overseers” began to hatch an ominous scheme to capture all the natural NOMs they could find. This rapidly reduced wild NOM numbers and took the popularity of NOMs, and everything related, along with it.

Jobs began to fluctuate wildly which led to a lot of people becoming unemployed and unable to find work with their NOM expertise.

While everyone was panicking and scrounging for money and food, the Overseers made their move in the form of a global announcement.

“We will provide you with jobs, security, and wealth! In return, all we ask from the people of this world is to find, capture, and transfer wild NOMs to us! All who do so will be compensated handsomely for their efforts!”

This glimmer of hope sent the general public into a frenzy, trying to catch any NOM they could find and sell every NOM they had in their possession.

The massive response led to the Overseers controlling 90% of the NOM population.

A New World
After a few months, the overall public outlook was much better; jobs were up and people were happy again. All due to the Overseers with their rise to control and regulate.

Then, just as quickly as NOMs had left the world, they started to pop up in the wild again! Word quickly spread of these sightings and NOM popularity began to rise once more.

The Reality
It seems there was more to this sudden increase of NOMs, and as the next step in the Overseers’ plan, they once again addressed the general public.

“As you have begun to notice, there are NOMs in the wild once again! But… they are not how you remember them. Most of them wandering about now are what we like to call “simulated” NOMs. We have the real NOMs, in a… controlled space, and their simulated counterparts are what you all see roaming around within the Zones we have created for them. Catch these NOMs with our specially designed CAPsules, pay a small… tax, and we transfer the natural NOM right to you! Now, you all can own NOMs again, just like before!”

The Overseers developed a unique system, where they were able to separate different biomes in order to group specific NOMs together; they are labeled Zones. There are many variations to discover and explore to find simulated NOMs.

It’s Your Story
You, as the player, assume the role of a teenager whose family isn’t “well off,” by any means. Both parents work full-time jobs and barely survive on what they bring in for the three of them. You have always loved the NOMs that roam around, even though most of them are simulated now.

Ever since the Overseers cracked down on NOM regulation, they’ve replaced natural NOMs with their simulated counterparts, and only those who pay the Overseers’ tax are able to truly enjoy training and caring for natural NOMs, as your parents once did.

If your parents hadn’t had to sell their NOMs due to financial issues, things would be different.

The Gift
One day you receive a mysterious unmarked package that your parents bring to your attention. Feeling anxious, and excited, you open the package.

It’s a Rookie starter kit for beginning your Cryptonom journey!

Inside you find a few Origin CAPsules, a map, a hardware wallet with a NOM token balance, and a set of clothes / gear!

Your parents, knowing how much they love you and how much you love NOMs, said that you should do what you want. This is where your adventure begins, but what Path would you choose? What danger lies ahead for you? The decision is yours.

Many twists and turns will be found on your journey to capture NOMs and release them from the clutches of the Overseers. There are Factions, an insidious enemy to the NOM-verse (yes, worse than the Overseers) and even a villainous Team FUD that will all try to stop you along the way!

Keep pressing, Rookie, and become a Master of your own Path…or them all!

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