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Up to 10% of all gatherings from pre-sale, that will last till the end of 2020, will be redirected to a esports pool. This pool will be used to support weekly, regular and annual tournaments.

Game Modes

Dark Country will provide you a few fantastic game modes based on CCG: Classic CCG, Auto Battler mode, Living board CCG

Game Co-Creation Platform

Dark Country believes the best games can be made only with the help of the community. Because of that, they will run a platform for users to share their game mechanics ideas, create content and participate in new games creation.

To be added

Q4’19 – Pre-sale launch. Initial Marketing Campaign

Q2’20 – Packs opening event, Public beta launch of Dark Country

Q3’20 – Game expansion pack 1

Q4’20 – Co-authorship functionality

Q1’21 – New game mode

Q2’21 – Game platform development for TCG/CCG genre

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