Blockchain Gaming News 1/10 | Axie Infinity Patch

Sin City land sale a resounding success while Metaxy IDO is just around the corner.

Blockchain Gaming News 1/10 | Axie Infinity PatchBlockchain Gaming News 1/10 | Axie Infinity Patch

Today, the list of top-ranked blockchain games looks similar to the end of last week. Splinterlands sits on top with 327K users. Meanwhile. Alien Worlds lands at number two with 209K users. Axie Infinity comes in third with 97K users. Lastly, Farmers World and Upland round out the top five with 82K and 61K users, respectively.

The blockchain gaming space is buzzing with activity today. The first land sale for Sin City raised $3.5 million dollars. Also, BinStarter announced the date of the Metaxy IDO. The top blockchain gaming news for today include:

1 – Gods Unchained Shows Remarkable Growth

Gods Unchained really enjoyed 2021. The project announced how much its user base increased over the last year. Overall, the project went from 3,000 weekly active users in January 2021 to 75,000 weekly active users in January 2022. Moreover, this represents an increase of 4,800% in users in just a single year. Such a feat shows the increasing popularity of blockchain gaming.

2 – Sin City Lands Sell Out in Less Than Two Hours

Sin City enjoyed a massively successful land sale. The mafia-themed blockchain game conducted its first land sale recently. The virtual land plots sold out in less than two hours. Furthermore, the sale raised $3.5 million. The land plots are from four districts in the game: Red Light District, Chinatown District, Cartel District, and The Strip District. Furthermore, the game contains 15,000 plots of land located in 17 districts. The project scheduled the next land sale for February. Also, Sin City will sell licenses that allow land owners to set up businesses on their in-game property.

3 – New Axie Infinity Patch Goes Live

Axie Infinity released its latest patch. The new patch contains some new features. Firstly, Axies now stand during battles instead of floating. In addition, the game added more battle effects. The game now saves match history on its servers. Also, Axie Infinity added a new button which declines all friend requests. Moreover, the game includes a new captcha system in order to stop botting. The new patch also fixes a number of bugs and features some gameplay improvements.

4 – Metaxy IDO Announced

BinStarter announced it is hosting the upcoming Metaxy IDO. Metaxy, an NFT fighting game, features anime-inspired characters. The whitelist closes on January 18 at UTC 16:00 and winners announced on January 19 at 14:00 UTC.

Phase One of the IDO takes place on January 19 from 16:00 to 19:00 UTC. Furthermore, Phase Two of the IDO lasts from 20:00 to 20:30 UTC on January 19 or until the tokens are sold out. Finally, phase three (if Phase Two didn’t sell out) begins at 20:30 UTC on January 19 and lasts until the tokens are sold out. The MXY tokens sell for $0.015.

5 – Monsta Infinite Updates

The development team for Monsta Infinite released the game’s weekly update list. Firstly, the game is adding a new feature that allows users to login to the minigame with their Monsta Wallet by using a QR code. Also, the project has set all the game buttons, such as friend removal and adding, game effect volume, music volume, etc. In addition, the game unlocked achievements. Currently, the developers are working on gameplay balance, sound effects for all events, game room transition, and QA testing for feature functionality and logical flow, as well as graphic pixelation.

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