Blockchain Gaming News 1/12 | DinoX Extends Land Sale

Funjible examines today's developments in the blockchain gaming space.

Blockchain Gaming News 1/12 | DinoX Extends Land Sale

Over the last seven days, Splinterlands led all blockchain games with 513K users. Sunflower Farmers took second place. However, the game will drop from that position next week due to it going into maintenance mode. Alien Worlds landed in third place with 339K users. Axie Infinity and Bomb Crypto rounded out the top five with 280K and 229K users, respectively.

While it’s been semi-quiet today, the blockchain gaming space saw some interesting developments. Avarobots released its latest roadmap. Meanwhile, Heroes & Empires announced its Tournament game mode. The top blockchain gaming news for today include:

1 – Warena Whitelist Sale Underway

Warena is currently conducting its whitelist sale. This sale lasts through 3:00 UTC on January 14. The game guarantees each whitelisted user the opportunity to buy five Mystery Boxes. Users can connect with various wallets: MetaMask, WalletConnect, Coinbase Wallet, Toris, Portis, and Authereum.

In addition, Warena announces the upcoming listing of $WARE on PancakeSwap. The listing begins at 13:00 UTC on January 13 with a listing price of $0.02. The game states ten million $WARE will be used only for listing on the exchange and for liquidity, The token is used for buying Mystery Boxes and gameplay mechanics.

2 – Heroes & Empires Announces Tournaments

Blockchain-based rpg Heroes & Empires announces the new Tournament game mode. Each Tournament season lasts for two weeks. The game separates tournaments into seven leagues, ranging from Newcomer all the way to Champion. Each battle features three rounds, and players can adjust their defensive formations. Players receive battle coins based on their ranks. Users can spend the coins in the game’s tournament shop. Players need to clear 9-20 to unlock the Tournament game mode as well as have 15 different heroes.

Also, Heroes & Empires has started its staking feature. The game deducts the $HE rewards from the monthly game operating revenue fund.

3 – DinoX Extends Land Sale

DinoX extended its current land sale 24 hours. Furthermore, the land sale is taking place on NFTPad and TrustPad. The game notes that common, uncommon, and rare lands are still available for purchase.

Also, the DinoX Gen 1 Hatching Event occurs tomorrow on January 13. The game notes it costs 50 $DNXC to hatch an egg. However, the developers will lower the fee in case the market starts to moon. Players can hatch an egg on the game’s Portal once it is colored.

4 – Avarobots Updates Roadmap

Our last bit of blockchain gaming news features Avarobots. The public sale for the 3D robot metaverse sold out in seconds yesterday. The project noted 500 robots are held by 200 holders. Also, the total volume was 1,400 $AVAX (currently around $133,000). Now the game has released its updated roadmap.

The roadmap features a number of milestones for Q1 2022. Firstly, the roadmap lists community growth and a 2nd generation robot sale. Subsequently, the project lists partnerships for the metaverse (alpha), followed by the release of the alpha metaverse. In addition, Q3 2022 features the beta version of the metaverse, partnerships, and improving the 3D environment.

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