Blockchain Gaming News 1/13 | Duckie Land IDO Postponed

Funjible examines some of the more notable blockchain gaming events of the day.

Blockchain Gaming News 1/13 | Duckie Land IDO Postponed

The list of the top daily blockchain games remains fairly constant. Splinterlands retains the top spot with 304K users while Alien Worlds comes in second with 215K users. Axie Infinity occupies third place with 97K users, Meanwhile, Upland takes fourth place with 89K users. However, MOBOX: NFT Farmer has moved up to fifth place, going from 26K users on January 11 to 72K users in the last 24 hours.

The blockchain gaming space never seems to sleep. Today, Duckie Land postponed its IDO. Meanwhile, Chumbi Valley launched its staking feature. The top blockchain gaming news for today include:

1 – Meta-World Looking for Reviewers

Island nation-building game Meta-World is asking reviewers to submit gameplay review videos. The game is offering a reward of 500 USDT split between 10 random winners. Moreover, the project notes the deadline for submissions is January 18 at 12pm UTC. Videos require a length of at least five minutes and include actual gameplay footage. Reviewers need to post their video links in the game’s Telegram channel. Meta-World will announce the winners on January 20.

2 – Chumbi Valley Announces Staking is Live

Chumbi Valley has revealed that its $CHMB staking is live. The project states that the staking APR will be very high with a minimum target of 200%. (The developers note that this rate is for early stakers.) Furthermore, Chumbi Valley says $CHMB is the only currency for its merchandise shop, land sale, NFT marketplace, and in-game. Also, the coin is used for governance voting.

3 – Bomb Crypto Discusses Game Violators

Bomb Crypto reveals how it is dealing with players who violate the terms of the game. The game will penalize those players who take advantage of security issues for profit, obstructing the game’s operation, trying to access the server system, or use hacks or cheat tools. Furthermore, Bomb Crypto will burn heroes that belong to banned accounts. In addition, the game will burn heroes that are transferred from a banned account to a different account. In other words, the game is serious about dealing with dishonest players.

4 – Duckie Land Postpones IDO

Our last bit of blockchain gaming news concerns Duckie Land. The blockchain-based game of battling ducks is postponing its IDO and launch. Most importantly, the game decided that the current market uncertainty was not conducive for the IDO to take place now. Therefore, the project is pushing the IDO back to February. Furthermore, the developers have not given an exact date for the game’s launch and IDO.

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