Blockchain Gaming News 1/14 | Syn City Reveals New IDO Date

Funjible looks at some of the major events happening today in the world of blockchain games.

Blockchain Gaming News 1/14 | Syn City Reveals New IDO Date

The daily list of the top blockchain games shakes down in the following manner. Splinterlands remains in first place with 274K users. Alien Worlds comes in second with 203K users while Axie Infinity lands at third with 95K users. Meanwhile, Farmers World and Upland claim the fourth and fifth spots with 80K users and 64K users, respectively. In addition, Crazy Defense Heroes moves up to sixth place with 56K daily users.

A number of interesting announcements were made in the blockchain gaming space today. Firstly, Space Crypto revealed that its staking feature is coming soon. Also, Syn City announced the new dates for its IDO and Copper Launch. The top blockchain gaming news for today include:

1 – Gods Unchained Banning Bots

Blockchain card game Gods Unchained is dealing with an influx of bots. The game is wielding a mighty banhammer as it runs a script to kick out all the bots. However, the surge in bots has impacted the game by delaying the issuing of rewards for Weekend Ranked gameplay. As a result, said rewards will be released once the bot accounts are banned. The game says this process will take several days.

2 – Syn City Announces New IDO Date

Syn City had postponed its IDO earlier this month, which had been originally slated for January 7. But, the project just announced that the IDO will now take place on January 20. Moreover, the IDO takes place on the following platforms: Seedify, PolkaStarter, BlockPad, and TrustPad. The game’s Copper Launch begins on January 21 and lasts for 72 hours. Furthermore, full details on participating in the Copper Launch can be found here.

3 – MyMasterWar Reveals iOS App

MyMasterWar announced that is iOS app is coming soon. The project released its Android app late last year. MyMasterWar notes that the new app is approved. Consequently, the project will release the iOS app in just a few days. Overall, it took roughly eight weeks to release the iOS app after the Android app was made available.

4 – Space Crypto Announces Staking

Space Crypto, a blockchain-based space metaverse, revealed that its staking feature is going live soon. Moreover, the project announced that staking will begin on January 16. However, Space Crypto has not stated the minimum amount of $SPG needed for staking (there is a minimum). It’s likely the game will announce the minimum amount needed either tomorrow or the day after.

5 – Hydraverse Details Token Utilities

Our last bit of blockchain gaming news for today features Hydraverse, a dragon racing game. The project details its two tokens ($HDV and $Dcoin) and their utilities.

$HDV is the game’s governance token. Players use it for:

  • Swapping into $Dcoin
  • Purchasing dragon eggs in mainnet
  • Staking or joining mining pools
  • Trading on the game’s marketplace

Meanwhile, $Dcoin is the in-game token. Players use it for:

  • Breeding and feeding dragons
  • Buying energy
  • Hiring NFT dragons
  • Buying racing tickets
  • Setting $Dcoin in offline races

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