Blockchain Gaming News 1/15 | Splinterlands Reveals Airdrop Cards

Funjible examines some of the trending topics in the blockchain gaming space today.

Blockchain Gaming News 1/15 | Splinterlands Reveals Airdrop Cards

The list of the top blockchain games over the last seven days breaks down in the following way. Splinterlands takes the top spot with 529K users. Subsequently, Alien Worlds comes in at number two with 419K users. Axie Infinity claims third place with 276K users. Meanwhile, Upland and Bomb Crypto land at number four and five with 243K users and 199K users, respectively.

A number of interesting developments occurred today in the blockchain gaming space. Firstly, Heroes & Empires released details of its upcoming patch. Also, Splinterlands discusses its Chaos Legion general sale. The top blockchain gaming news for today include:

1 – CryptoShips Undergoes Emergency Maintenance

Someone is attacking the API endpoint of CryptoShips. The nautical racing game announced it was entering emergency maintenance mode due to the attack. Furthermore, the project says the game will be back online on January 17 at 12:00 UTC. CryptoShips adds that at least one new function (and possibly more) will be implemented at that time.

2 – Heroes & Empires Releases Latest Patch Details

Blockchain-based rpg Heroes & Empires announced the contents of the upcoming version 0.8.0 patch. Some of the changes include:

  • Changes to the VIP system. (For example, players receive one VIP point for every HE spent in the game.)
  • A fast reward feature unlocks at VIP 2.
  • A x2 battle speed feature unlocks at VIP 4.
  • Dungeon trial rewards are increased.
  • An early withdrawal penalty for claiming in-game HE to a player’s wallet will be implemented. (The game is adding this feature to combat cheaters and players violating the multi-account rules.)
  • The game will lock all NFTs for 14 days that are not transferred using the game’s marketplace.

3 – Planet Sandbox Releasing PC Version Soon

Third-person shooter Planet Sandbox announces the upcoming release of the PC version of the game. PC players can begin blasting on January 28. Also, the game states that a new season of the leaderboard tournament is coming soon. In addition, the project announced a new game mode – Zombie Defense. Players will fight against undead hordes in the new PvE co-op game mode.

4 – Splinterlands Discusses Chaos Legion General Sale

Splinterlands is gearing up for its Chaos Legion update. As a result, players have already bought roughly 1.5 million Chaos Legion packs. Moreover, the game notes that all packs sold in the first 24 hours of the sale are eligible for the remaining 11 airdrop cards. In addition, the airdrop cards released during the first day will be Legendary. Also, each pack features a 0.2857% chance of getting an airdrop card. The developers add that players buying 350 packs will automatically get an airdrop card. The project details some of the airdrop cards players can get, such as Lira the Dark and Iza the Fanged.

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