Blockchain Gaming News 1/18 | Metarun IDO Changes

Funjible examines some of the major news items for today in the blockchain gaming space.

Blockchain Gaming News 1/18 | Metarun IDO Changes

The list of the top blockchain games remains pretty consistent. Splinterlands still reigns as the number one game with 316K users. Alien Worlds boasts of 227K users, coming in at second place. Also, Axie Infinity remains in third place with 110K users. Meanwhile, Farmers World and Upland land in fourth and fifth place with 90K users and 60K users, respectively.

A lot of things are taking place in the blockchain gaming space today. Firstly, Gala Games issued a proposal to add Legends Reborn to its ecosystem. Also, Thetan Arena announces its new hero rental feature. The top blockchain gaming news for today include:

1 – Binance NFT Marketplace Starts BitBow Mystery Box Countdown

Blockchain-based shooter BitBow reveals that its upcoming Mystery Box sale is almost here. Binance NFT is hosting the sale on its marketplace. In addition, a total of 27,500 boxes will be sold for 19.9 BUSD ($19.89) each. A player can buy up to 100 mystery boxes total.

Each box contains a weapon of a specific rarity. Players can combine three weapons to obtain a higher level weapon card. From lowest to the highest rarity level, the weapons are: Bow (95% chance of getting when opening a box – N rarity), Arm of the Strong (1% – R rarity), Arm of the Brave (3% – R rarity), Arm of the Incredible (0.8% – SR rarity), and Arm of the Miraculous (0.2% – SSR rarity).

Meanwhile, the game is offering users a chance to win free mystery boxes. Players need to retweet the tweet below and tag three friends.

2 – Metarun Makes IDO Changes

Mobile runner game Metarun made some changes to its upcoming IDO. GameFi and RedKite were originally hosting the game’s IDO on their platforms. However, Metarun announced that its IDO is now taking place solely on RedKite. On the other hand, the game is still partnering with GameFi. The GameFi platform will still support the project through marketing activities and its community. Also, GameFi is featuring the project in its aggregator.

Finally, Metarun is changing the name of its token. The game renamed its $GFTS token to $MRUN. The project’s community voted for this change.

3 – Thetan Arena Introduces Hero Rental Feature

A new feature is coming to Thetan Arena on January 22 – hero rentals. Players can rent heroes from other players and use them to fight. Owners of the heroes will set the rental price, with a minimum amount of 50 THC. The rental time lasts for a minimum of 50 battles.

Also, renters receive all gTHC gained from fighting daily battles, as well as power points and trophies. Owners receive the rental fees in return. Owners cannot sell or transfer their heroes while rented as they will be locked down until the rental ends.

4 – Sunflower Land Teases Tradable Resources

Sunflower Land (formerly Sunflower Farmers) is offering some minor tidbits of its new features. A few days ago, the game said it would have more resources for players to grow and harvest. Now, the game states that crops and seeds will be resources that can be traded. Players can use their resources by selling them or using them in meal recipes and NFT crafting.

5 – Vote Taking Place on Adding Legends Reborn to the Gala Games Ecosystem

Our last bit of blockchain gaming news for today features Gala Games. The platform is conducting a 24-hour vote by node operators on whether or not to add Legends Reborn to its ecosystem. Also, the vote ends at 11:59 PM PT on January 19. Subsequently, node operators will gain a distribution of up to 8% of all NFTs created by the game if the proposal is approved.

Legends Reborn is a blockchain-based fantasy CCG. In addition, players not only own monsters and heroes, but also the venues that the fights take place in.

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