Blockchain Gaming News 1/19 | Axie Infinity Builders Program

Funjible offers a quick review of today's top blockchain gaming topics.

Blockchain Gaming News 1/19 | Axie Infinity Builders Program

Today’s list of the top blockchain games offers a small change. Splinterlands still holds the top position with 314K users. Meanwhile, Alien Worlds retains second place with 198K users. Axie Infinity holds down third place with 110K users. Farmers World sits at number four with 91K users. However, MOBOX: NFT Farmer moves up into fifth place with 63K users.

A number of notable announcements occurred today in the blockchain gaming space. The Syn City IGO goes live tomorrow. Also, Axie Infinity launches its Builders Program. The top blockchain gaming news for today include:

1 – Netvrk Staking Now Live

Multi-chain metaverse Netvrk announces that its staking feature is now live. The project states that users can earn 20% APY by staking their $NTVRK tokens. In addition, the medium term pool has a time period of 150 days. Also, Netvrk noted that the pool size is 750,000 $NTVRK tokens.

2 – Syn City IGO Happens Tomorrow

Syn City, the blockchain-based mafia game, announces that its IGO takes place tomorrow, January 20, at 11:00 AM UTC. The TrustPad launchpad is hosting the IGO. However, players only have a few more hours to register for the IGO. The launchpad reminds users that a minimum of 15,000 $TPAD needs to be staked for a guaranteed allocation. In addition, the more tokens a user stakes, the greater the allocation they will receive.

3 – Sipher to Reveal Gameplay Footage

Many games offer carefully crafted trailers to entice players. However, actual gameplay footage excites blockchain gaming players the most as they see how the game actually works out. Sipher, a live-action rpg, announces that it will reveal in-development gameplay footage this Saturday, January 22, at 13:00 UTC. Furthermore, the video can be seen here when it goes live.

4 – Axie Infinity Introduces Builders Program

Community lies at the heart of blockchain gaming. Players owning their own in-game assets, building houses or businesses in the metaverse, or constructing new gameplay features sets blockchain games apart from other virtual entertainment. In the same vein, Axie Infinity reveals its new Builders Program.

Above all, the Builders Program features the goal of giving the game’s community the tools and support to create new gaming experiences on top of the blockchain game. In addition, the program seeks to manage any risk to the community taking part in these new gaming experiences. The program is offering a total of $400,000 in AXS tokens (5,000 tokens) to motivate and support community members in their creations. Overall, the developers will give a minimum of a $5,000 grant to approved projects. However, the program does feature a list of requirements, such as 10% of all revenue from the new gameplay must go into the game’s treasury or be burned.

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