Blockchain Gaming News 1/20 | Dinoland IDO

Funjible takes a look at some of the main topics occurring in the blockchain gaming space today.

Blockchain Gaming News 1/20 | Dinoland IDO

The list of the top five blockchain games remains the same as yesterday. However, all games showed an increase of daily players. Splinterlands still reigns supreme in the top spot, gaining 3.33% from yesterday. Alien Worlds experienced a 3.88% increase, coming in at number two. Axie Infinity claimed third place, seeing a growth of a whopping 17.33%. Meanwhile, Farmers World remained in fourth place, seeing a modest increase of 1.06%. Finally, MOBOX: NFT Farmer landed in fifth but enjoying a robust increase of 26.7%.

The blockchain gaming space is continually active. Dinoland prepares for its upcoming IDO on multiple launchpads. Meanwhile, Kingdom Karnage reflects back on 2021. The top blockchain gaming news for today include:

1 – Splinterlands Town Hall Takes Place Tomorrow

The next Splinterlands Town Hall happens tomorrow on January 21. The event begins at 10:00am EST. The community can interact with the game’s development team during the Town Hall event. Also, the project team will discuss the game’s future developments as well.

2 – Dinoland Announces Upcoming IDO Schedule

The Dinoland IDO is just around the corner. The dinosaur-themed metaverse released its IDO schedule today. Moreover, multiple launchpads are hosting the Dinoland IDO. The IDO takes place in the following manner:

  • Trustpad on January 21 from 11am to 4pm UTC.
  • NFTb on January 21 from 1pm to 3pm UTC.
  • Binstarter on January 22 from 4pm to 9pm UTC.
  • NFTPad on January 23 from 11am to 4pm UTC.
  • GemGuardian on January 23 from 4pm to 9pm UTC.

The Dinoland IDO features 1 billion $DNL at $0.017 each.

3 – Sidus Claims Largest Blockchain MMORPG Community

Blockchain games rely upon their community, something that makes blockchain gaming stand apart from traditional video games. A new list details the blockchain mmorpgs that have the largest communities. According to that list, Sidus enjoys massive bragging rights as it is number one. Sidus boasts of 340K Twitter followers and 74K Telegram followers. Meanwhile, SolChicks sits at second place with 299K Twitter followers and 172K Telegram followers. Furthermore, Cryowar comes in third with 178K Twitter followers and 70K Telegram followers.

4 – Kingdom Karnage Looks Back at 2021

There is little doubt that Kingdom Karnage enjoyed the last year. Nick Franklin, the game’s founder and CEO, posted an article looking back at the success the game had in 2021. Firstly, he noted that it was originally just him working part-time on the project but now there are four full-time people on the team. Furthermore, Franklin notes the importance of the project launching $KKT, the game’s cryptocurrency. In addition, he highlights some of the achievements made in 2021. Some of the achievements include moving the project to Jumpnet, the launching of Catacombs (a loot-filled dungeon), the introduction of Lycans, bounties, the introduction of cosmetics, and Metacity dynamic characters.

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