Blockchain Gaming News 1/24 | Splinterlands Celebrates Milestone

Axie Infinity takes the blockchain gaming crown for the week while Crypto Raiders announces an art contest.

Blockchain Gaming News 1/24 | Splinterlands Celebrates Milestone

Today, the list of the top blockchain games over the last 24 hours looks like this. Splinterlands continues its dominance with 320K users. Meanwhile, Alien Worlds resides in second place with 220K users. Axie Infinity takes third place with 100K users. Furthermore, Farmers World and Upland land in fourth and fifth place with 97K users and 57K users, respectively.

While the crypto market continues its volatility, the blockchain gaming space marches on. Splinterlands celebrates a major milestone. Also, Crypto Raiders begins a new contest. The top blockchain gaming news for today include:

1 – Defi Warrior Launches NFTs on OpenMeta

Defi Warrior partners with MDEX to launch its NFTs on the OpenMeta marketplace. In addition, the game recently released the new NFT and IWO map for the Pira Warrior, a female pirate character.

As for MDEX, the platform has forged a number of partnerships recently. MDEX has announced over the last few days the launch of NFTs on its OpenMeta marketplace from BunnyPark, BabySwap, Pokemine, and HashLand.

2 – Axie Infinity Reclaims Top Spot

Axie Infinity really enjoyed the last week. DappRadar reports that the game has taken the top blockchain game spot in regards to the last seven days. Moreover, Axie Infinity surged due to several factors. Firstly, the development team launching the Builders Program, allowing the game’s community to develop new forms of gameplay. Also, the game released a new gameplay mechanic that lets players release their pets into the wild in return for rewards, such as land items.

3 – Monsta Infinite Updating Its Marketplace

Monsta Infinite, the turn-based card NFT game, reports players will find shopping easier with the marketplace v2 update. The developers state that the third design for the marketplace has been finished and submitted for a mock-up. Also, the game states that the first mock-up draft for the marketplace is done and features new graphics. The marketplace v2 update boasts new features which will enhance the user experience.

4 – Crypto Raiders Announces Art Contest

Crypto Raiders, the NFT-based dungeon raiding game, is running an art contest. Furthermore, the game is asking its community to submit original artwork featuring the players’ favorite raider in a raid/dungeon setting. The community will vote on the best entries on January 31. The game will give the top four winners the following: Gen 1 Orc for first place, Gen 2 Orc for second place, Gen 3 Orc for third place, and a Gen 4 Orc for fourth place.

5 – Splinterlands Celebrates Major Milestone

Our last bit of blockchain gaming news features Splinterlands. The game is feeling tremendous today as the game has achieved a huge milestone. The blockchain gaming champion reports that it has surpassed a total of one billion games played. The game cheekily says that the next stop is one trillion games played. However, it should take a good deal of time to hit that level!

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