Blockchain Gaming News 1/4 | DeFi Warrior Enters eSports

Funds stolen from Illuvium due to security flaw.

Blockchain Gaming News 1/4 | DeFi Warrior Enters eSports

The new year is off with a bang as a number of blockchain gaming projects go live or are announced. Developers are cranking out updates, and gamers are eager to play-to-earn.

A number of notable events unfolded in the blockchain gaming space today. DinoX announced it was coming to the Spores Network. Meanwhile. DeFi Warrior enters the eSports arena with ten upcoming tournaments. The top blockchain gaming news of the day include:

1 – Zomfi Offers Sneak Peek of Map

Upcoming zombie shooter Zomfi released a sneak peek of a game map. Players begin the game on the map, it being the first map in the game, and the map serves players who are level one to ten. Zomfi offered some concept art of the map, along with an in-game, rendered map.

Also, the game listed its company wallets in order to be fully transparent. Developers plan on having a PC demo of the game out by the end of January.

2 – DinoX Coming to Spores Network

Spores Network, a GameFi launchpad and marketplace, announces that DinoX is coming to their ecosystem on January 12. This move allows for a multiplayer DinoX experience. Both projects expressed their delight on the new partnership. Furthermore, the partnership exposes the blockchain game to a new fanbase.

Also, DinoX revealed some changes due to the game’s latest patch update. The developers implemented battle sounds, a side menu redesign for better accessibility and display, and a damage system by dino class.

3 – DeFi Warrior Announces eSports Tournaments

There’s little doubt that eSports is surging in popularity. Millions of fans watch tournaments on streaming sites or in-person, and plenty of gamers hope to go pro and win a share of prize pools that reach millions of dollars. Now DeFi Warrior, with the support of Bountie Hunter, is entering the eSports space.

DeFi Warrior announced ten upcoming eSports tournaments. Moreover, the prize pool for the combined tournaments is 460,000 FIWA tokens and 135 NFTs. The tournaments begin this month, with two of them named Legends and Battleground.

4 – Illuvium Suffers Security Flaw

Attackers stole some funds from Illuvium due to a security flaw. The blockchain game warned players not to buy into the $sILV pool, which was targeted by the attacker. Not all of the funds in the pool were stolen as the game was able to do a swap of their own.

Furthermore, the project will begin reimbursing players who lost funds after getting a snapshot of the actual ownership of $sILV. Illuvium plans on doing everything possible to ensure players do not lose any funds over the attack. The game will continue to investigate and will post updates.

Also, the game says scammers are pretending to be the official game’s support account on Twitter. The project reminded players to never give out their seed phrases or passwords, as well as to not click on any suspicious links.

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