Blockchain Gaming News 1/5 – Syn City Token Launch Announced

French mobile game company plans on investing $200 million in blockchain games.

Blockchain Gaming News 1/5 – Syn City Token Launch Announced

The blockchain gaming space never sleeps. Currently, Sunflower Farmers is the top ranked game. Splinterlands lands in second while Alien Worlds comes in third.

Blockchain gaming saw a lot of activity today. DeathRoad released its latest roadmap. Meanwhile, Axie Infinity reduced its staking awards. Today’s top blockchain gaming news include:

1 – Syn City Announces LBP Token Launch

Mafia blockchain game Syn City announced some upcoming important dates. The game’s IDO launches on January 7 on PolkaStarter, Seedify, TrustPad, and BlockPad. The LBP token launch auction begins on January 8. The auction lasts through January 10. The auction takes place on Copper Launch.

Syn City reports that the auction will begin at a set price. However, the price will drop until the community begins to buy in. The game states there is no minimum or maximum amount of $SYN tokens that can be purchased.

2 – French Company to Invest $200 Million in Mobile Blockchain Games

Voodoo, a French mobile game company, is investing $200 million in the blockchain gaming space. The company plans on using the money to fund start-ups and create 20 internal studios. Voodoo believes that blockchain technology, such as NFTs giving players ownership of their in-game assets, will disrupt the entire gaming industry. Heavyweights Tencent and Goldman Sachs are backers of Voodoo.

3 – Axie Infinity Reduces Staking Rewards

Popular blockchain game Axie Infinity reduced its staking awards. The game dropped $AXS rewards from two million a month to 1.566 million. The game notes that this reduction is in-line with the schedule listed in the project’s whitepaper. Moreover, the next scheduled monthly rewards reduction takes place in June 2025.

Also, the top 1,000 players can claim their $AXS rewards now. Players have to sign a Ronin transaction on the web after claiming the tokens in-game.

Furthermore, Axie Infinity celebrated a milestone recently. The game recorded over two million sales within the last 30 days. Overall, 614,095 traders conducted 2,259,133 sales. One rare Axie (#1369) sold for $280,850 (70 WETH).

4 – DeathRoad Releases Latest Roadmap

Metaverse racing game DeathRoad released its latest monthly report, which includes the game’s latest roadmap. Developers plan on having the game’s land sale take place at the end of February. The land sale will begin after the 3D racing game and PvP are released.

Furthermore, the developers will release an app for DAOs sometime next week. More DAO allocations will take place this month and next month. The game is creating new NFTs in response to community feedback. The project also states that the free-to-play version is ready. The developers are currently working on preparing instructions and material to get new users into the game.

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