Blockchain Gaming News 1/6 – Samsung Enters the Metaverse

Red Kite announces upcoming IDO for Kingdom Karnage.

Blockchain Gaming News 1/6 – Samsung Enters the Metaverse

The blockchain gaming space is enjoying tremendous support from players in the new year. As for the top blockchain games, the top four are the same as yesterday. Sunflower Farmers takes the top spot again with 340K users. Splinterlands takes the number two spot with 317K users. Alien Worlds and Axie Infinity occupy the third and fourth spots on the list with 180K and 104K users, respectively.

Several interesting events happened in the blockchain gaming space today. Foremost, Samsung announced a metaverse experience set up in Decentraland. Meanwhile, Meta-World noted on Twitter that the game will resume on January 7. The top blockchain gaming news for today include:

1 – Axie Infinity Discusses Land Mode

Players of Axie Infinity will have more gaming options sometime this year with a new land gaming mode. Developers plan on releasing the new gameplay feature sometime this year. A blog post from the game teased the new mode, as well as offering a teaser trailer.

Moreover, the full game will not be released all at once. The first phase features resource and land management. The second phase highlights social engagement and skill trees. Phase three focuses on strategic gameplay, which means battles.

Also, Axie Infinity warned players of a current scam. A Twitter post noted that scammers are sending $RON tokens that are fake to people holding $AXS tokens. The tweet emphasizes that $RON is not unlocked yet.

2 – Meta-World Announces Game Resumption

Today, Meta-World declared that game operation will resume on January 7 at 7:00 UTC. The development team worked hard on fixing issues to create a better experience for users. Also, the game will be depositing additional funds into the liquidity pool. Furthermore, Meta-World will be burning MTW tokens based on the retrieved amount.

The game is giving away 10,000 USDT to 20 winners. Players need to finish crafting game tools between January 7 (7:00 UTC) and January 8 (7:00 UTC) in order to participant in the giveaway.

3 – Heroes & Empires Staking Feature Coming Soon

Fantasy strategy game Heroes & Empires announces that their staking feature is close at hand. The game will release the new staking feature on January 11. However, the game is not releasing any more details at the current time. The game will notify users on how to participate in staking once the new feature goes live.

4 – Red Kite Opens Pools for Kingdom Karnage

The Red Kite launchpad has opened two pools for the Kingdom Karnage $KKT token. The launchpad has opened an IDO pool and a community pool. Registration lasts through January 8 at 8:00 UTC. The launchpad will announce winners on January 11, and the IDO pool launches on January 12 with two buying phases. Phase one takes place from 11:00 UTC to 12:00 UTC, and the second phase lasts from 12:00 UTC to 12:15 UTC. The community pool lasts from 12:15 UTC to 12:30 UTC on January 12.

Each $KKT token costs $0.015. The full allocation is $99,000. However, the launchpad is restricting some countries. People living in China, Hong Kong, United States, and sanctioned OFAC countries cannot take part.

5 – Samsung Announces Metaverse Experience in Decentraland

Decentraland is getting a new metaverse experience in the form of Samsung 837X. The virtual experience is based upon the real-world Samsung 837 flagship store located in New York City. Players can embark on quests in order to gain exclusive NFTs.

Samsung 837X features the Connectivity Theater, Sustainability Forest, and Customization Stage. The Connectivity Theater displays the latest news from the Consumer Electronics Show concerning Samsung. Players can venture into the Sustainability Forest, boasting millions of trees, and have an encounter of mythic proportions. Furthermore, the Customization Stage is home to a reality live dance party hosted by Gamma Vibes for some lucky winners.

Most importantly, the Samsung 837X experience will only last for a limited time in Decentraland. Samsung plans on launching the metaverse experience on other platforms in the future.

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