Blockchain Gaming News 1/8 | DeathRoad Reveals New Reward System

Funjible takes a look at some of today's developments in the blockchain gaming space.

Blockchain Gaming News 1/8 | DeathRoad Reveals New Reward System

The top five blockchain games list features a new order. Splinterlands earns the top spot with 317K users. Meanwhile, Alien Worlds moves up to the second spot with 194K users. Axie Infinity takes third place with 90K users. Furthermore, Upland and Sunflower Farmers occupy fourth and fifth place with 64K users and 53K users, respectively.

While mostly quiet, the blockchain gaming space saw some developments today. Firstly, DeathRoad explains its updated reward system. Also, the Legends of Mitra IDO launches tomorrow on multiple launchpads. The top blockchain gaming news for today includes:

1 – Low Poly Models Launches HQ in Decentraland

KJ Walker, a prominent member of the Decentraland community, is hosting a birthday bash in Decentraland at the newly launched Low Poly Models HQ. Players can win gifts by taking part in the festivities. For example, the first 1,000 people who sign the guestbook will win an NFT. Also, any attendee posting a screenshot of the party with the #LowPolyModels hashtag is eligible to win some LPM wearables.

2 – Gods Unchained Celebrates 2021 Trading Volume

Trading card blockchain game Gods Unchained enjoyed a robust 2021. The project announced that $25 million of game cards were traded between players on Immutable X. Moreover, gamers created over 62K accounts for Gods Unchained last week alone. The new accounts represent an increase of 300% from two months prior. Currently, Gods Unchained ranks 24th on the top blockchain games list from DappRadar.

3 – DeathRoad Reveals New Reward System

DeathRoad produced details of the game’s new reward system and other gameplay features. Firstly, the racing game announced the introduction of daily tournaments. Furthermore, gamers can play each car a maximum of five times per day. The game assigns a random road for the first race of a car, and each race contains ten cars selected by random.

As for rewards, players can earn them via PvE daily quests and via daily tournaments. The game awards xDRACE as rewards. Moreover, the reward pool for daily tournaments breaks down to 40% for 1st ranked, 20% for 2nd ranked, 10% for 3rd ranked, and the remainder to the remaining racers. Also, there are weekly competitions (paid in xDRACE) and bi-weekly competitions (paid in stablecoins).

4 – Legends of Mitra IDO Tomorrow

The Legends of Mitra IDO takes place tomorrow. The project is launching its IDO on three launchpads: Oxbull, RedKite, and GameFi. The IDO on GameFi happens January 10 while the other two take place on January 9. Also, the project noted that the token price is $0.06 with an initial market cap of $787,500.

In addition, the game announced it had hit 100,000 members on Telegram and 100,000 followers on Twitter.

5 – Battle Hero Announces Playable Beta

Our last bit of blockchain gaming news concerns Battle Hero. The project states that players can register and download the beta. However, the developers have limited access initially to those who have bought tokens, chests, and boosters. Fuller access will begin on January 20. Finally, the project published a guide and FAQ.

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