Blockchain Gaming News 12/20 | The Three Kingdoms Christmas Edition Heroes

Gods Unchained shows how two iconic characters met while CloneX racks up some major sales.

Blockchain Gaming News 12/20 | The Three Kingdoms Christmas Edition Heroes

Christmas and New Year’s Eve are almost here. 2021 has been a very good year for NFTs and blockchain gaming.

The blockchain gaming space never sleeps. New projects and updates are announced on a daily basis. Today sees some Christmas edition hero NFTs from The Three Kingdoms. A CryptoPunks NFT took the top sale spot for last week. Let’s review some of the top blockchain gaming news for the day.

1 – The Fabled Unveils New Environment Screenshots

Action rpg The Fabled has released some new screenshots showing new levels that are being worked on. In all, four screenshots were shown. Two of a prairie-style setting and two more for snowy mountains. To be honest, the visuals look tremendous – something you would normally see in an AAA game. The freezing mountains look especially breathtaking.

2 – CloneX Enjoys Successful Week

The CloneX NFT Collection has enjoyed some tremendous sales. Last week, the collection took five of the top ten spots in price sold. CloneX #15920 sold for $1.12 million (289 ETH). CloneX #13692 sold for $1.08 million (288 ETH), while the remaining three sold for $750,800 (CloneX #4939), $696,460 (CloneX #19488), and $652,910 (CloneX #16647).

However, CryptoPunks still reign supreme. One of the collection’s NFTs (#9953) sold for $1.57 million (399.69 ETH).

3 – The Three Kingdoms Announces Christmas Edition Heroes

Seasonal heroes are coming to The Three Kingdoms. Players have a number of ways they can snag these Christmas heroes. They can trade for them on NFTrade, outskirt staking, Christmas special recruit, or special fusion formula.

4 – Heroes & Empires Continues to Grow

Today, Heroes & Empires released some interesting info. The blockchain-based rpg noted that it had 57,033 total users playing last week. Also, the total number of $HE token holders was 41,421. The total number of Hero NFTs issued was 448,926 while the total number of burned Hero NFTs was 150,280. This left a total of 298,646 Hero NFTs available.

Such numbers represent a user growth rate of 16.62% for last week. Also, $HE token holders increased 9.24% for the week. Growth rates for Hero NFTs were 27.7% (issued), 35.37% (burned), and 24.17% (available).

5 – Gods Unchained Goes on Holiday Break

The team behind blockchain-powered trading card game Gods Unchained is going on a holiday break. However, the game will continue to be supported by a skeleton staff during the break.

The game has been extremely successful. It reports that $20 million in Gods Unchained cards were traded on Immutable X. There are 13 million Gods Unchained NFTs, and the team notes there are more than 65,000 unique asset holders. Not to mention that the Trial of the Gods set sold out.

Today, the game released a short story. It details how two of the game’s iconic characters, Badger and Eagle, met.

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