Blockchain Gaming News 12/21 | Monsta Infinite CEO Pens Resignation Letter

Christmas giveaways abound!

Blockchain Gaming News 12/21 | Monsta Infinite CEO Pens Resignation Letter

Christmas is only a few days away. Many blockchain games are celebrating the season with giveaways.

Currently, there are no signs of blockchain gaming slowing down. In fact, the space is heating up. Today, Big Time conducts its space sale. Meanwhile, the CEO of Monsta Infinite offered a resignation letter. The top blockchain gaming news for today include:

1 – MetaWars Christmas Giveaway Features Guessing Song

MetaWars, the blockchain game of galactic exploration and combat, is offering a 500 $USDT mission for its Christmas giveaway. Players have to leave a comment, along with several hashtags. Also, the player has to answer two riddles and give the name of the song played (in a distorted manner) in the tweet.

The first riddle is: Why are Christmas trees so fond of the past? The second riddle is: What did the salt say to the pepper? Can you guess the riddles and guess the song? Good luck!

2 – Big Time NFT Space Sale Underway

Today, players began buying NFT spaces in Big Time, the action rpg. Up for sale are a variety of small, medium, and large spaces. Each size has an rare, epic, exalted, legendary, and mythic version. All of the large spaces have already been bought. These NFTs expand the player’s Time Machine and offer unique features.

Currently, an epic medium space runs for $699 while a rare medium space costs $499. A rare small space costs $299. Meanwhile, an epic small space will cost you $499 while a legendary small space will cost $599.

3 – Monsta Infinite CEO Offers Resignation Letter

Jin Tan, the CEO of Monsta Infinite, has penned a resignation letter. In the letter, he notes that the game’s community has lost confidence in the project. He states that he understands this due to the numerous “mistakes and challenges” that impacted the project. He adds that the team was not as transparent as they promised to be. He also says the project has been hurt by a high turnover rate within the development team.

However, in a major twist, Jin Tan concludes his letter by saying that he is not resigning at all. He states that he refuses to give up on the project. He adds, “It is easier to just step down rather than to continue the struggles of continuing this project. But this is a part of me that I will not give up on. Therefore, I will correct my mistakes and continue my responsibility as a form of punishment for me having the thoughts of giving up. No matter how hard it is to continue and how hurt I will be, I will continue to push on.”

It will be interesting to see how the community reacts to this news.

4 – Last Survivor NFT Christmas Giveaway

In our last bit of blockchain gaming news, Last Survivor is having a Christmas giveaway. The play-to-earn battle royale game is giving away 5 legendary fighters (NFTs) and 20 epic fighters (NFTs) to the winners. Overall, the NFTs are worth $5,000.

The top five referrers will each win a legendary fighter. 20 random winners will receive an epic fighter. There are two days left to enter the giveaway.

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