Blockchain Gaming News 12/22 | DeFi Kingdoms Surging

2021 was a lucrative year for blockchain games in terms of investments.

Blockchain Gaming News 12/22 | DeFi Kingdoms Surging

This year was a great year for blockchain gaming. Many games enjoyed tremendous success, and 2022 looks to be even brighter with potential.

Even though the holiday season is in full swing, the blockchain gaming space is busy as usual. Today, CryptoMines Reborn offered a quick developmental roadmap. Also, a lot of investment money was poured into the blockchain games space in 2021. The top blockchain gaming news for today include:

1 – CryptoMines Reborn Discusses Development Updates

Via some tweets, CryptoMines Reborn offered its community some coming developmental updates. First, a new whitepaper will be released in the next few weeks. The staking feature will become available after the whitepaper is released. Also, chats will be fully open again.

In addition, the stake pool will have a live counter to show how much players will earn. The game will also implement two new mechanics for players to spend Dark Matter. All functions within the game will use Dark Matter.

2 – Decimated Having Airdrop Giveaway

Decimated, the post-apocalyptic, cyberpunk rpg, is giving players a reason to cheer. The game is having a daily airdrop of $DIO. Every day, ten winners will be picked. To be a part of the airdrop, a player has to join the game’s Discord/Telegram community. They also have to retweet an official tweet from the game. The tweet will be published at 18:00 UTC. Players need to like it, retweet it, and leave a comment with their Solana address.

3 – DeFi Kingdoms Sees Explosive Growth in December

December has been a tremendous month for DeFi Kingdoms. The game is on fire. It has grown 466% in the last month, hitting over 243,000 wallets. The number of transactions increased by 276%, hitting 4.85 million. Also, over $886 million was exchanged in those transactions. Overall, the blockchain game surged to number six on DappRadar’s games ranking list.

The game’s token, $JEWEL, has done extremely well this last month. The price has risen by 69.6% over the last 30 days. Currently, it is trading at $13.58.

4 – Blockchain Gaming Received Over $4 Billion in Investments

2021 was a great year for blockchain games when it comes to investments. DappRadar reports that the industry received over $4 billion from investors during the year. The top four companies in raising investment money were Forte ($930 million), Sorare ($783 million), Dapper Labs ($607 million), and Animoca Brands ($221 million).

Such investment levels herald an even brighter 2022 for blockchain games. Currently, there are 1.4 million unique wallets connecting to blockchain games. That number is likely to explode next year as blockchain gaming and NFTs become increasingly mainstream.

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