Blockchain Gaming News 12/23 | Cryptmas Metaverse Mystery Box Collection

Binance NFT Marketplace offering mystery boxes for eight different blockchain projects.

Blockchain Gaming News 12/23 | Cryptmas Metaverse Mystery Box Collection

Time to sip some eggnog while enjoying your favorite blockchain game. The holiday season is the perfect time to partake in your favorite games and perhaps earn some extra income.

Currently, many development teams are quiet, but there’s still plenty of activity in the blockchain gaming space. Today, Binance announces the “Cryptmas Metaverse Mystery Box Collection” for eight games. Meanwhile, Bored Ape Yacht Club reveals the possible launch date of its mobile game. The top blockchain gaming news for today include:

1 – The Fabled Teases Knight Class Gameplay

Action rpg The Fabled has given a few details of the Knight class gameplay. In a tweet, the game revealed that a Knight could gain some benefits for engaging enemies in combat. There’s a chance that enemies will drop items and weapons that could be used against the boss found at the end of each world. Seems like it’s a good idea to smash enemies in the hopes of getting useful items to help in those final boss fights.

2 – Binance Announces the Cryptmas Metaverse Mystery Box Collection

Players from eight different blockchain games can buy metaverse mystery boxes from Binance NFT Marketplace starting on Christmas Eve. The eight projects are The Sandbox, Enjin, Mines of Dalarnia, Chromia, Terra Virtua, GALA, My Neighbor Alice, and Illuvium. Boxes cost 5 BUSD, and buyers could partake of a $120,000 Metaverse Tokens prize pool.

There are two rarity levels for the boxes – Super Rare (SR) and Super Super Rare (SSR). Those who buy one or more SSR NFTs will share a $30,000 prize pool of Metaverse Tokens. Players who buy four different SR NFTs will share a $30,000 prize pool. Those who buy all eight SR NFTs will share a $30,000 prize pool. Also, the top 200 users, per transaction volume, will share a $30,000 prize pool o Metaverse Tokens. The promotion lasts from December 24, 2021, through January 7, 2022.

3 – Monsta Infinite CEO Releases Clarifying Statement

Two days ago, Funjible reported that Monsta Infinite CEO Jin Tan penned a resignation letter. However, at the end of his letter, he stated that he was not resigning but was actually remaining with the project. Subsequently, it seems that a number of community members were confused so he issued a follow-up official statement via Twitter.

The game’s Twitter account posted the statement in a thread. In it, Jin Tan states, “After the latest statement was released, I believe there has been a lot of you who were misguided by the title. I apologize sincerely. I want to make it clear that I did not resign and will not plan to do so. The purpose of the statement is to address my past mistakes and self-reflection towards the issues you have brought to us. After going through countless messages sent to me, I’ve realised how strong, loyal and united our community is towards this project.”

4 – Bored Ape Yacht Club Teases Mobile Game Date

Recently, Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) announced an upcoming game using the collection’s NFTs. Today, the collection announced that it was still working with Apple. However, the game should be “up and running” in roughly four weeks. BAYC finished their announcement by saying the first quarter of 2022 will be insane.

5 – Ancient Rome Coming to The Sandbox Metaverse

Our last bit of blockchain gaming news features a healthy dose of combat. vEmpire DDAO, based in the U.K., is creating a combat game to be used in The Sandbox metaverse. Called Hack and Slash, this game is set in ancient Rome. The game is a first-person combat game and will feature fighting arenas, temples, farmlands, and more.

Also, there will be marketplaces for players to buy and sell goods, including animals and food. In addition, players can purchase NFT keys to access villas and apartments. Hack and Slash will feature plenty of quests, and the gameplay is non-linear.

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