Blockchain Gaming News 12/27 | Ubisoft Invests in Dogami

A look at today's blockchain gaming developments.

Blockchain Gaming News 12/27 | Ubisoft Invests in Dogami

We’re in the final week of 2021. It’s been a great year for blockchain games, and 2022 is poised to be explosive for the blockchain gaming space. More games are being developed, and blockchain-based games and NFTs are making their way into the mainstream.

This time of year is usually quiet in terms of development but there’s still a fair number of things going on. Ubisoft invests a chunk of cash into pet NFTs. Meanwhile, BinaryX releases its CyberDragon trailer. The top blockchain gaming news for today include:

1 – Decimated Announces $DIO Listings

Post-apocalyptic rpg Decimated announces its upcoming $DIO listings. The IDO takes place on Firestarter and VLaunch on December 28. Also, its IEO takes place on Huboi Primelist on December 29th. The initial market cap is $300,000, and the price is $0.05. The game is in early access on Steam.

2 – Ubisoft Invests in Dogami

There’s no denying that NFTs are hot, hot, hot. Even major businesses are picking some up for investment purposes. Recently, gaming giant Ubisoft invested $6 million in Dogami, an NFT pet game. In Dogami, players adopt and raise a dog NFT in augmented reality via a smartphone.

Overall, there are over 300 different dogs, which will feature unique traits. Players earn DOGA tokens by taking care of their virtual pets. A beta version is expected in Spring 2022.

3 – Farmers World Celebrates New Year With Giveaway

Players can win some free swag with the Farmers World’s New Year Give-Away Event. The promotion closes at 4am December 30th, and winners will be announced two hours later. 100 players can win. The gifts are 20 fishing nets and 80 axes. Interested players need to share the giveaway announcement tweet and submit their Anchor or Wax wallet info.

4 – BinaryX Releases Official CyberDragon Trailer

Our last bit of blockchain gaming news is a new trailer. The official trailer for CyberDragon has been released by BinaryX. CyberDragon is a blockchain game on Binance Smart Chain. Players create heroes, fight battles, and loot items. Furthermore, players face off against the Cyber Dragon, the ultimate boss creature. The treasure horde of the dragon consists of the tokens that players have paid. Once defeated, the dragon will be reborn stronger and with a greater treasure horde.

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