Blockchain Gaming News 12/28 | Animoca Brands Helping Typhoon Victims

Gamers can help typhoon victims by just logging in and playing.

Blockchain Gaming News 12/28 | Animoca Brands Helping Typhoon Victims

Quite a few projects in the blockchain gaming space are celebrating the season with giveaways. Others, such as Crazy Defense Heroes, are looking to help those in need with a charity drive.

Every day, some new developments occur in the blockchain gaming space. Furthermore, such activities occur even during the holiday season when most projects go into skeleton crew mode as people take time off to celebrate. Today’s top blockchain gaming news include:

1 – Animoca Brands Helps Typhoon Odette Victims

Typhoon Odette did tremendous damage across the Philippines, causing $786 in damage and killing at least 400 people. Many countries and organizations are sending relief to those impacted, including blockchain game Crazy Defense Heroes.

Animoca Brands is pledging to donate one TOWER token for every unique player of Crazy Defense Heroes per day. As of now, the game attracts 30,000 unique users per day. This means, an overall 1.2 million TOWER tokens could be donated. Such an amount equates to $82,000. Also, this charity drive lasts through January 31st. Moreover, you can help out typhoon victims by just logging in and playing the game every day.

2 – MeLand.ia VIP Land Presale Underway

The VIP Land Presale event is now taking place for the MeLand.ia project. Players need to stake MELD in order to have a chance to take part in the presale. There are only 250 spots available, and players need to connect their MetaMask wallet to Polygon to access the Meland Marketplace. The presale ends on December 31st at 8am UTC.

3 – Space Crypto Announces PvP Mode

Space Crytpo, the blockchain-based battle game, now has a PvP mode. The game announced the news via a tweet, saying players can now compete against other players and friends. Details of this new game mode will be released soon.

In other news, Space Crypto announces some listing news for its native token, $SPG. The coin is now listed on CoinGecko, CryptoRank, and CoinMarketCap. The coin is currently trading at $0.987453 with a 24-hour volume of $4,210,904.

4 – Big Time Teases Dungeons

A hallmark of rpgs is the dungeon. Every hero seeks to gain fortune and experience by venturing into dangerous, mysterious dungeons. Today, action rpg Big Time teases its dungeons to players. It appears that the game’s dungeons are generated procedurally. In other words, this means that every adventure in a dungeon is unique as no two will be the same.

This is exciting news to gamers. Furthermore, variety is the spice of life, so it’s tremendous that every delve into a dungeon will be a new experience.

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