Blockchain Gaming News 12/30 | Outland Odyssey Early Test Recap

Mines of Dalarnia reveals updated navigator system while DeFi Warrior rewards PvP players.

Blockchain Gaming News 12/30 | Outland Odyssey Early Test Recap

The week between Christmas and New Year’s is perfect for two things. First, watching a ton of college football games. Second, enjoying playing blockchain games before heading back to school or work once the holiday season ends.

The blockchain gaming space is rocking around the Christmas tree with new daily developments. Mines of Dalarnia teases its new navigation system. Meanwhile, DeFi Warrior announces a new giveaway. Today’s top blockchain gaming news include:

1 – Project SEED Releases Recap of Outland Odyssey Early Test

The early test for Outland Odyssey is over, and Project SEED details the player feedback for the event. 200 testers took part in the event. Also, they defeated a total of 7,392 zeds and 79 bosses. Furthermore, players gamed for a combined total of 44 hours. A total of 668 maps were started with 495 being finished.

Moreover, player feedback was good on describing playing the game. When ranking between 1 (worst) and 5 (best), 26.9% gave Outland Odyssey a 5. A total of 35.8% gave it a 4 while 28.4% gave the game a 3. Only 9% gave the game a 2, and there were no votes for a rating of 1.

Players gave a thumbs-up to the game’s music, sound effects, and graphics. However, it was reported that testers’ phones would overheat after 30 minutes of playing the game.

2 – Mines of Dalarnia Teases Updated Navigation System

Free-to-play platform mining game Mines of Dalarnia is showing off its new navigation system. In a tweet, the game showed a little of how the 2.0 Navigator System operates. The system is a heads-up radar display, showing players where to find treasures, resources, and enemies. As a player, such a system is extremely welcome. Everybody hates wasting time looking for enemies to fight or resources to harvest.

3 – DeFi Warrior Giveaway Announced

Players could win one of two new warriors from DeFi Warrior on January 1, 2022, at 0:00 UTC. However, there is a twist. The warriors are being awarded to the top two ranked PvP players in the game. The number one ranked Knight has the Sword Master skill while the number two ranked Soldier has the Marksman Gun skill. Moreover, an interesting twist is that the game will buy back the warriors for $250 if the winners decide to sell.

4 – Mobox NFT Trading Surges

Our last bit of blockchain gaming news concerns Mobox, a BSC-based GameFi platform. It has just taken the top spot from Axie Infinity. However, this situation deals with the volume of NFT trading over the last 24 hours. DappRadar reports that NFT trading on Mobox increased by a staggering 359% over the last day, hitting $9.26 million. Mutant Ape Yacht Club came in second with $8.76 million, with Bored Ape Yacht Club following with $6.97 million. Axie Infinity was in fourth place with $6.38 million in NFT trading. Furthermore, the average price of an NFT transaction on Mobox appears to be $1,375.

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