Blockchain Gaming News 12/31 | StarMon Hits Trading Milestone

Yield Guild Games helping to rebuild homes while Sidus reveals upcoming roadmap.

Blockchain Gaming News 12/31 | StarMon Hits Trading Milestone

It’s finally time to ring in the new year. However, 2021 has been a phenomenal year for blockchain gaming. The number of players in the blockchain gaming space, as well as the money spent on transactions, has skyrocketed this year.

As everyone waits for the fireworks to light up the sky, events and announcements are still going strong for blockchain games. StarMon hits a trading milestone. Meanwhile, gamers are helping victims of Typhoon Odette. The top blockchain gaming news for today include:

1 – Illuvium Showcases Crimson Wastes

Today, Illuvium released a short video on Twitter showing the Crimson Wastes region. In the video, a player explores the region. What is notable is the quality of the gameplay shown. Many people still think of blockchain games as breeding games like CryptoKitties, but games like Illuvium show that they can be as immersive as the major AAA titles.

Also, the game’s developers warned players that scammers are posting malicious links in the game’s Discord sever. The game states it never asks players to click on links in its Discord server so players should never click on any links. The developers are looking into thee issue.

2 – Yield Guild Games Rebuilding Destroyed Homes

Typhoon Odette destroyed 55,000 homes in the Philippines earlier this month. Yield Guild Games raised money to help families in need by helping rebuild their homes. The group announced it has surpassed its goal of helping rebuild 1,500 homes. The new goal is to use the remaining funds to reach a grand total of 3,000 homes. Donation links can be found here.

3 – StarMon Hits Trading Milestone

StarMon, the creature collecting and battling game, has hit a new milestone. It announced that 20,000 starmons have been traded on its marketplace. This is tremendous news as the game only went live on December 29th. Furthermore, it gained 5,000 players within five hours, and it hit 10,000 players yesterday.

Also, BSC Project teamed up with StarMon for a giveaway. Ten winners will share $500 worth of SMON. Players can sign up through January 2, 2022.

4 – Sidus Announces Important Dates

January is going to be a great month for Sidus players. The blockchain game announced a bevy of upcoming important dates and events. The NFT presale begins on January 6th. Also, the closed beta starts on January 10th. Meanwhile, the public beta begins on January 23rd. The official listing with Bybit takes place on January 10th as well. Furthermore, the public NFT sale begins on January 12th. Finally, the spaceships NFT sale will have its launch date announced soon.

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