Blockchain Gaming News 12/7 | Gamified NFL NFTs Announced

Splinterlands and Alien Worlds celebrate a milestone.

Blockchain Gaming News 12/7 | Gamified NFL NFTs Announced

The blockchain gaming space continues to grow with every passing day. Gamers and crypto enthusiasts are flocking to such games to have fun and even earn some money.

To keep readers aware of what’s going on, Funjible offers the latest blockchain gaming news. Today, Splinterlands and Alien Worlds hit a milestone. Also, gamified NFTs of NFL players are coming in 2022. Below are the top blockchain gaming news for today.

1 – Chaos Legion Poised to Launch in Splinterlands

In a few hours, the latest update for Splinterlands is set to launch. Chaos Legion features new NFT-based cards, as well as new skills. The pre-sale saw a million packs sold. Overall, those packs sold for $20 million.

The next phase for Chaos Legion begins on December 8. At that time, two million packs will be available for sale. That phase ends on January 12, 2022. On January 17, 2022, the general sale of packs will begin, which will number 12 million.

2 – Alpha Launch of DinoX a Success

DinoX, the dinosaur battle game, reports that its alpha launch was a major success. The blockchain game revealed some interesting stats. The game saw 5,000 hours played per week, with over 45,000 battles fought. 24,000 people signed up for the 2,000 testing spots, and 83% of testers were active in the alpha. Gamers won 70% of the battles when facing bots. The alpha for DinoX featured three major game mechanics and 60 action cards.
3 – DraftKings and NFLPA Reveal Gamified NFTs

The NFLPA (NFL Players Association) and DraftKings, a sports betting platform, announced that an NFT collection of NFL players will be released for the 2022-2023 NFL season. The gamified NFTs will feature the image, likeness, and name of active NFL players. Overall, the NFT collection will be based on Polygon.

The NFTs will be used in various games on the DraftKings platform, as well as for buying and selling. There will be varying degrees of scarcity and utility.

4 – Phantom Galaxies Concludes ‘The Hopeful’ Airdrop

Mech-based shooter Phantom Galaxies reports that its airdrop for The Hopeful NFT has finished. Gamers who posted their wallet address in the game’s Discord channel were airdropped the NFT. Holders of the Halberd-001 mech NFT, which was also airdropped, are able to play the first episode of the “Trial by Fire” mission.

The game’s upcoming roadmap features the release of its litepaper. Also, a utility announcement of more of the Origin Collection will be made. Finally, a proposal for compensation will be announced and the release of “Trial by Fire.”

5 – Alien Worlds and Splinterlands Hit Over 1.1 Million Active Players

Our last bit of blockchain gaming news is of two games hitting a milestone. DappRadar reports that Splinterlands and Alien Worlds have both reached over 500,000 active players each. This week, Alien Worlds hit over 576,000 active wallets. Furthermore, Splinterlands has hit 590,000 active wallets. Such a move shows the increasing popularity of play-to-earn blockchain games.

At the time of writing, the price of SPS (Splinterlands’ token) is $0.340750 while the price of TLM (Alien Worlds is $0.255977.

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