Blockchain Gaming News 5/11 | Gods Unchained Royalty Fees

Funjible takes a look at a few of the trending topics in the blockchain gaming space today.

Blockchain Gaming News 5/11 | Gods Unchained Royalty Fees

The crypto market endured a bloody day as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and BNB dropped by 8%, 14.5%, and 18.9% over the last 24 hours. The list of the top five blockchain games, via the perspective of transaction volume, breaks down in the following manner. Axie Infinity claims the top spot with $9.52 million. DeFi Kingdoms follows in second place with $9.14 million. Meanwhile, Squid NFT World occupies third place with $1.38 million. CryptoMines Reborn and Alien Worlds land in fourth and fifth place with $668.9k and $357.6k, respectively.

The blockchain gaming space featured a number of interesting developments today. Firstly, Gods Unchained introduced royalty fees. Also, The Red Village announced some brutal tournaments in honor of Friday the 13th. The top blockchain gaming news for today include:

1 – YYG SEA Postpones IDO

YGG SEA, the first subDAO of Yield Guild Games, announced a startling development today. The group revealed that its upcoming IDO on Copper is postponed. Furthermore, YGG SEA noted that the postponement is due to the ongoing downturn in the crypto market. The project wishes to protect its supporters. Therefore, the decision made to delay the IDO. The project also notes that people holding $SEA tokens will be refunded, along with any gas fees.

2 – Gods Unchained Reveals Royalty Fees

Trading card game Gods Unchained notified players that royalty fees are coming. The game notes that royalty fees allow the creators of items to receive a small percentage of a sale on the secondary market. Moreover, the game listed royalty fees as one facet of the game’s balanced economy in its whitepaper. New cards will see this royalty fee applied right away. However, older minted cards will see the royalty fee implemented retroactively within the next few weeks.

The royalty fees differ depending upon the card’s quality. For example, meteorite cards will see a fee of 5% (with an approximate fee of less than one cent). Shadow cards feature a royalty fee of 4% (approximate fee of one cent) while diamond quality cards feature a fee of 1% with an approximate fee of 14 cents.

3 – MetaFighter Token Giveaway Happening

MetaFighter is seeking to be listed on DigiFinex. Therefore, the NFT fighting game is conducting a giveaway of MF tokens. Participants need to register for DigiFinex via MetaFighter’s official referral link. Players also need to then deposit at least 50 USDT in any cryptocurrency into their DigiFinex accounts and then fill out a form. The giveaway lasts through May 17 at 18:00 GMT. The game will authenticate and count the votes on May 18 and then notify winners. Moreover, DigiFinex will list the MF token if more than 100 votes are cast (each $50 deposit equals one vote). The giveaway features a prize pool of 500,000 MF tokens.

4 – The Red Village Celebrates Friday the 13th

Our last bit of blockchain gaming news features The Red Village. The dark fantasy fighting game is celebrating Friday the 13th with some fun events. Firstly, the game is running streams from six of the community’s favorite content creators. In addition, the game is hosting a series of fun (and brutal!) tournaments with some great payouts. The streams begin on Thursday at 11pm and run through all day Friday. Furthermore, the tournaments run for 29 straight hours, beginning at 7pm ET on Thursday. The Red Village will also announce the details of the upcoming Blooding Tournament later today. Overall, the Friday the 13th tournaments boast a prize pool of $31k USD, along with another $3.2k added by The Red Village team.

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