Blockchain Gaming News 5/12 | The Red Village Blooding Tournament

Funjible examines some of the trending topics in the blockchain gaming space today.

Blockchain Gaming News 5/12 | The Red Village Blooding Tournament

The crypto market rebounded over the last 24 hours with Bitcoin gaining 6.6% and BNB gaining 15.7%. The list of the top blockchain games by daily users breaks down in the following manner. Splinterlands lands in first place with 376k users. Meanwhile, Alien Worlds takes second place with 180k users. Farmers World occupies third place with 132k users. Galaxy Blocks (54k users) and Upland (50k users) take fourth and fifth place.

The crypto space continues to reel due to the UST situation, but blockchain gaming continues to grow. First, The Red Village announced details of its Blooding Tournament. In addition, Wombat Dungeon Master adds some new NFT collections to the game in preparation for the upcoming new season. The top blockchain gaming news for today include:

1 – Ultimate Champions Sells Out Arsenal NFT Drop

People can’t deny the popularity of the Arsenal Football Club. For example, Ultimate Champions reports that its first Arsenal FC NFT drop was immensely successful. Moreover, the fantasy soccer game revealed that the NFTs sold out in mere minutes. The sale results from the recent addition of Arsenal FC to the Ultimate Champions platform. The partnership allows players to collect and use NFT cards of Arsenal players as they compete in fantasy soccer to win crypto.

2 – Wombat Dungeon Master Adds New NFT Collections

Wombat Dungeon Master ended its Season 2 just a few days ago. The new season (Season 3) begins on May 18. Therefore, the fantasy rpg is adding some new NFT collections to the game. The game announced the following new collections:

  • nerdsuniteus
  • glummybears1
  • soonayfigure
  • cuteredpanda
  • niftywizards
  • nonfungdrugs
  • orchidhunter

In addition, Wombat Dungeon Master is dropping Season 3 promo packs on Monday, May 16. Furthermore, the community drop takes place at 4 PM CET. The Wombat Warrior drops at 6 PM CET while the public drop occurs at 6:30 PM CET.

3 – Ilu Universe Conducting Airdrop Campaign

Fantasy rpg Ilu Universe is holding an airdrop campaign. To sum up, the project is airdropping a total of five million $ILU tokens to 500 lucky winners. The airdrop campaign lasts until 3 PM UTC on May 26. Players need to complete all the mandatory Gleam tasks to participate in the airdrop. Players can also earn extra entries by referring friends to the game. The game will announce the winners within one week after the campaign ends.

4 – The Red Village Reveals Details of the Blooding Tournament

Our last bit of blockchain gaming news features The Red Village. The dark fantasy fighting game is celebrating Friday the 13th with tournaments and streams. Also, Friday the 13th marks the start of the first Blooding Tournament. The Red Village announced details of this new tournament in its Discord channel.

The Blooding Tournament runs for four weeks and features a leaderboard sponsored by KnowYourWallet. Furthermore, all Champions that are eligible for the Blooding Class and who have completed at least 40 tournaments will be added to the leaderboard. Moreover, the game determines rankings by the Champions’ win rate percentage. The Blooding Tournament features a prize pool of $10k USD with the top 50 Champions winning cash. For example, the top Champion wins a cool $3k USD while second place earns $1k USD.

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