Blockchain Gaming News 5/5 | May Mayhem in Gala Games

Funjible examines some of the trending topics in the blockchain gaming space today.

Blockchain Gaming News 5/5 | May Mayhem in Gala Games

The crypto market suffered over the last week as prices fell, such as Bitcoin (8%), Ethereum (6.2%), BNB (6.9%), Solana (14.2%), and Cardano (6%). However, the ecosystem of blockchain gaming is doing well as four of the top five games show an increase in daily users. The list of the top five games features the following projects. Splinterlands leads the pack with 364k users (0.01% increase). Alien Worlds follows in second place with 169k users (10.4% increase). Meanwhile, Farmers World takes third place with 131k users (3.13% increase). Galaxy Blocks and Upland round out the top five with 54k users (5.38% decrease) and 50k users (4.75% increase), respectively.

The blockchain gaming space was buzzing with activity today. Firstly, The Red Village successfully completed its alpha and is now looking towards its beta. In addition, Gala Games launched its May Mayhem event. The top blockchain gaming news for today includes:

1 – Elysian Offers Sneak Peek of Player Abode

Metaverse platform Elysian gave players a sneak peek of player housing. The developers showed a futuristic apartment with a ship hovering outside the window in the tweet shown below. Furthermore, Elysian noted that players can host various experiences in their own space, which they also own as digital assets. Moreover, players can monetize their in-game investment through tiered revenue models. The player housing features some great designs, such as the wall of plants and the overall look of the furnishings.

2 – The Red Village Completes Alpha

The Red Village reports that it has completed its alpha testing phase and is gearing up for the beta. The developers also noted that the alpha was a smashing success. The dark fantasy combat game boasted over 7,700 eight-player tournaments fought. Subsequently, players won over 127 ETH during the alpha, with some individual tournaments paying out as much as $5,000.

The beta phase of The Red Village will feature some notable upgrades. For example, the developers are planning on improving animations, adding new sounds and music, creating an in-game chat system, developing a fullscreen mode, and scaling UI for different devices. In addition, the game looks on adding 1v1 To-the-Death Tournaments and class systems.

3 – EMOVES Running Airdrop

EMOVES is conducting an airdrop composed of 500 boxes to 500 lucky winners. However, players need to complete a variety of tasks to be eligible for the airdrop. The project notes that each box is worth $400! EMOVES also reminds people that the end date for this promotion is June 5. EMOVES creates challenges featuring walking, running, and cycling. Participants can increase their chances of winning by inviting more people to take part.

4 – Gala Games Launches May Mayhem

Gala Games is cranking up the fun factor with the launch of its May Mayhem event. The event features over $4 million in prizes. Players of Town Star and Spider Tanks can compete in weekly competitions for bragging rights and big prizes. For example, Spider Tanks boasts of a prize pool of $250,000 per week for tournaments. Furthermore, players can win their share of prize pools by referring players. The platform also notes that NFT holders can receive exclusive NFTs via random drops. To sum up, players on the Gala Games platform can expect a lot of fun and action this month.

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