Blockchain Gaming News 5/7 | CyBall Token Burn Update

Taking a look at some of the daily events in the blockchain gaming space.

Blockchain Gaming News 5/7 | CyBall Token Burn Update

The cryptocurrency market remained stable over the last 24 hours with Bitcoin rising a modest 0.2% and Ethereum rising 0.4%. The list of the top blockchain games, in terms of weekly transaction volume, features the following projects. Axie Infinity takes the crown with $79.36 million. DeFi Kingdoms claims second place with $49.3 million. Meanwhile, Mines of Dalarnia follows in third place with $8.78 million. Finally, Alien Worlds ($8.75 million) and Crabada ($3.91 million) occupy fourth and fifth place.

The blockchain gaming space enjoyed some interesting news today. Firstly, Realms of Ethernity released a video highlighting the environment of the Lakelands area. In addition, Popop World announced its player referral program. The top blockchain gaming news for today include:

1 – CyBall Reveals Token Burn Update

CyBall announced new details for burning $CBT, the game’s native token. The developers noted that the community buy bot is turned off so that its parameters can be changed. Moreover, the game took this action due to depleted funds. Therefore, CyBall will base prices off mentoring fees. In addition, the new buy bot will not feature any discrimination between mentor counts. The developers will turn on the bot early next week after adjustments are made. The game will use excess treasury funds every week to buy back $CBT and burn them.

2 – Popop World Launches Player Referral Program

Popop World has started a referral program. Furthermore, the program offers some nice rewards. For example, the player with the most referrals wins 20% of the total minted popman and 100 USDT. The rewards pool also features second and third place prizes. The referral program runs until May 13 at 3:55 AM UTC. Referred friends need to use the player’s link and mint popman on the project’s official site.

3 – TaleCraft Running Chest Sale

TaleCraft, the Avalanche-based card board game, is conducting its weekly chest sale. Players can enjoy savings if chests are bought early. For example, the first 2500 chests cost eight CRAFT and 0.1 AVAX while the next 2500 chests cost 10 CRAFT and 0.1 AVAX. However, players can only purchase up to 100 chests in total. The game is selling the third batch of 2500 chests for 12 CRAFT and 0.1 AVAX. Tardy players will have to spend 15 CRAFT and 0.1 AVAX on any remaining chests.

4 – Realms of Ethernity Releases Lakelands Video

Our last bit of blockchain gaming news concerns Realms of Ethernity. The mmorpg released a new video showing the environment of the Lakelands area in the game. To sum up, the graphics look incredible and are on par with top-tier online games. Blockchain games need to be fun to play and be visually sharp to entice mainstream gamers. The game is also looking for players to help test the in-game environment of the Lakelands area.

Furthermore, Realms of Ethernity announced that $RETH is now listed on CoinMarketap and CoinGecko.

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