Full Steem Ahead with Splinterlands Week 19

Check out what the top game, Splinterlands on Steem has to offer.

Full Steem Ahead with Splinterlands Week 19

All aboard the Steem train as we bring in updates from Splinterlands.

Splinterlands continues to amaze! More than 11 million games were played with cards worth over $4 million. Let’s take a look at one of the most successful crypto games and how Steem has brought it this far.

Game Introduction

Splinterlands is a decentralized collectible card game. Similarly to Hearthstone and Magic: the Gathering, players collect various cards to pit them against their opponents. With blockchain technology, players have true ownership of their cards and they can sell them in the in-game market anytime they want.

Weekly Statistics (average for last 7 days)
  • Average Number of daily players: 4135
  • Average number of daily users only transacting: 280
  • Tournament Entrants: 582 per day/ 1041 actual players
  • Number of ranked matches played: 63,575 per day
  • Tournament Prizes Awarded (to date): $110,094
  • Average Daily Users : 4414 (players and traders)
  • Market Volume (Peer to Peer trading) Year to date: 826,330 STEEM (approx. $151,645 USD based on today’s prices) traded on the market.
  • Number of
    • Booster packs bought this week (5 days): 12,769
    • ALL packs opened this week (5 days): 13,532

Highlight(s) of the week

Splinterlands Havling Promotion

Last Chance for Next Airdrop + Mobile/KickStarter Updates Yodin Zaku has dropped and new updates to mobile.

Last month

Splinterlands integrates Hive-Engine! – That’s right! Alpha, Beta, Orb, UNTAMED packs and Dark Energy Crystals (DEC) can be sent back and forth via Hive-Engine!

Merchant & Affiliate System Updates – Several changes to the Affiliate system plus a new CARD GIVEAWAY PROMOTION!
Splinterlands Updates Player titles, profile updates, ratings adjustments, new rulesets and more!

Rewards Cards nearing the end of their print run:

More than 80% printed

Fallen Specter (Legendary) 84.11% printed
Furious Chicken (Rare) 81.70%
Beetle Queen (Rare) 81.77%
Naga Windmaster (Rare) 82.49%

Rewards Cards NO LONGER printing:
Highland ArcherRusty AndroidHobgoblinLord ArianthusSea Genie
Divine SorceressMushroom SeerVampireFlame ImpDaria Dragonscale
Sacred UnicornWood NymphCreeping OozePhantom SoldierPirate Archer
Naga Fire WizardBrownieSilvershield ArchersGoblin MechRuler of the Seas
Skeletal WarriorImp BowmanCrystal WerewolfJavelin ThrowerSea Monster
Prismatic EnergyUndead MinotaurExploding DwarfManticoreBlack Dragon
Furious ChickenSea MonsterUndead MinotaurExploding Dwarf
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