LiteBringer First Look and Game Walkthrough

litebringer walkthrough

LiteBringer is fully decentralized application RPG on the Litecoin blockchain. You will be able to level up your characters, obtain items, trade with other players and earn money. LiteBringer is developed by the makers of Tibia and you can expect lots of complex gameplay in-game.

Where to start?

In order to play LiteBringer, first download the game from the website. Once you have downloaded the game and opened it, create an account. LiteBringer will create a private key for you and be sure to save it.

The game will need some time to sync once you have created your account and logged in.

Once the loading is done, go ahead and create your character. You will be able to choose from 3 classes where they can each advance to another 3 clasees.


Every action requires lites in order to carry them out. I had 8 lites credited into my account once I had synced and logged in. Once you have created your character you can your character stats and click on it to go on a quest.

Going on a quest requires you to pay a miner fee in lites. Once you have confirmed the quest, your character prepares for the quest and you can see your loot at your character page.

After which, you can equip your character with loot you have found and also view your character stats.

As you continue adventuring and get stronger, you will unlock more regions and quests. Certain quest requires your character to have a minimum effective character power so you need to get better equipment in order to access those places.

You don’t need to control your character during quests and there isn’t much skill or involvement in battles. Each quests have a specific set of rewards so you need to decide on how you want to progress on the game. Because it costs lites for quests, you will eventually run out of it if you progress further.

However, you can buy and sell equipments in the marketplace using lites so you will be able to earn lites then.


LiteBringer is quite a grindy game but I don’t like the idea of using lites for every quests. But, the initial lites will were given should be enough to get you to a stage where you can start selling equipment for lites.

With 3 different characters with 3 advancements for each class, there is much to think on how you want to develop your character.

The game is easy to play but not easy to master. It doesn’t cost anything to get going in this game and it is something to try out for RPG lovers.

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