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Blockchain Gaming News 1/10 | Axie Infinity Patch

Today, the list of top-ranked blockchain games looks similar to the end of last week. Splinterlands sits on top with 327K users. Meanwhile. Alien Worlds lands at number two with 209K users. Axie Infinity comes in third with 97K users. Lastly, Farmers World and Upland round out the top five with 82K and 61K users, respectively. The blockchain gaming space is buzzing with activity today. The first l...[Read More]

Blockchain Gaming News 1/6 – Samsung Enters the Metaverse

The blockchain gaming space is enjoying tremendous support from players in the new year. As for the top blockchain games, the top four are the same as yesterday. Sunflower Farmers takes the top spot again with 340K users. Splinterlands takes the number two spot with 317K users. Alien Worlds and Axie Infinity occupy the third and fourth spots on the list with 180K and 104K users, respectively. Seve...[Read More]

Blockchain Gaming News 1/5 – Syn City Token Launch Announced

The blockchain gaming space never sleeps. Currently, Sunflower Farmers is the top ranked game. Splinterlands lands in second while Alien Worlds comes in third. Blockchain gaming saw a lot of activity today. DeathRoad released its latest roadmap. Meanwhile, Axie Infinity reduced its staking awards. Today’s top blockchain gaming news include: 1 – Syn City Announces LBP Token Launch Mafia block...[Read More]

Blockchain Gaming News 12/29 | Splinterlands 2022 Roadmap

It’s almost time to pop the champagne corks and ring in the new year. 2021 has been tremendous for blockchain gaming, and the future looks even brighter. Today, there’s been some interesting developments in the blockchain gaming and NFT spaces. Gamestop is opening an NFT marketplace. Meanwhile, an Axie Infinity tournament drew some impressive streaming numbers. The top blockchain gamin...[Read More]

Blockchain Gaming News 12/15 | Steve Aoki Joins the Metaverse

The innovation of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) has propelled blockchain gaming to new heights. Players are ecstatic to finally own their in-game items and characters. Funjible offers a daily dose of the top blockchain gaming news. This is done to keep our community aware of the current events taking place in the space. Today, Sreve Aoki enters the metaverse. Meanwhile, the Axie Infinity community is...[Read More]

Blockchain Gaming News 12/8 | New Axie Infinity Breeding Fees

With every passing week, blockchain gaming becomes more popular. Case in point, even mainstream companies are taking note. Ubisoft is launching NFTs for one of their games. To keep readers aware of what’s happening in the space, Funjible offers this list of top blockchain gaming news. UFO Gaming announcing a giveaway and new breeding fees for Axie Infinity are two examples. Today’s blo...[Read More]

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