Blockchain Gaming News 5/10 | Chainmonsters Crystal Skins Giveaway

The crypto market remained relatively stable over the last 24 hours. The price of Bitcoin fell by 0.4% while Ethereum and BNB gained 1.1% and 3.2%, respectively. The list of the top blockchain games, in terms of daily users, features the following projects. Splinterlands continues its reign of dominance with 376k users. Meanwhile, Alien Worlds follows in second place with 180k users. Farmers World...[Read More]

Blockchain Gaming News 4/26 | Axie Infinity Season 21

Both Bitcoin and Ethereum are suffering a drop in price over the last 24 hours. Bitcoin fell by 5% while Ethereum dropped by 6%. The list of the top blockchain games, when looking at daily users, breaks down in the following manner. Splinterlands continues to enjoy its perch at the top with 360K users. Alien Worlds lands in second place with 175K users. Meanwhile, Farmers World occupies third plac...[Read More]

Blockchain Gaming News 2/15 | Bomb Crypto Surges

The daily list of the top blockchain games, in terms of volume, saw some movement today. Firstly, MOBOX: NFT Farmer retains the top spot with $18.66 million. However, DeFi Kingdoms barely lags behind in second place with $16.58 million. Axie Infinity moves up to third place with $14.18 million. Meanwhile, Pegaxy and X World Games follow in fourth and fifth place with $9.91 million and $1.96 millio...[Read More]

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