DeFi Warrior

Blockchain Gaming News 1/4 | DeFi Warrior Enters eSports

The new year is off with a bang as a number of blockchain gaming projects go live or are announced. Developers are cranking out updates, and gamers are eager to play-to-earn. A number of notable events unfolded in the blockchain gaming space today. DinoX announced it was coming to the Spores Network. Meanwhile. DeFi Warrior enters the eSports arena with ten upcoming tournaments. The top blockchain...[Read More]

Blockchain Gaming News 12/30 | Outland Odyssey Early Test Recap

The week between Christmas and New Year’s is perfect for two things. First, watching a ton of college football games. Second, enjoying playing blockchain games before heading back to school or work once the holiday season ends. The blockchain gaming space is rocking around the Christmas tree with new daily developments. Mines of Dalarnia teases its new navigation system. Meanwhile, DeFi Warr...[Read More]

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