Enjin Mainnet Guide

The long-awaited Enjin Mainnet has arrived but how do you go about using it? Here is a step by step guide to help you navigate through this awesome platform. Firstly, head over to the Enjin platform and create an account there. Once you have created your account, log into the email used during account creation and verify your account. After you verify, you can log in and be directed your main acco...[Read More]

Spirit Clash

Spirit Clash is a battle for supremacy. You must clash your way through the three spiritual cores of Mind, Body, and Soul to claim victory. The first player to control two of the cores wins the game, but your opponent won't let you take them easily. Summon Followers that will clash for your Overlord. Cast Hexes to hinder your enemies or to help yourself. Equip powerful Relics. Order clashes upon...[Read More]

Kingdom Karnage Wiki

Kingdom Karnage

Kingdom Karnage is a free to play Trading Card Game with animated turn-based combat. 2 versions are available when logging in, a normal style game and a blockchain version with items backed by cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin Hodler

Bitcoin Hodler is a blockchain-based 2D mobile game for the crypto community - A mixed endless runner and arcade style action-adventure taking you on an exciting journey through the gamified crypto world. Powered by enjin - the leading cryptocurrency for blockchain-based gaming - you will be able to interact with real blockchain based ingame items and characters. Experience the thrill, the fear an...[Read More]

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