Blockchain Gaming News 3/22 | DinoX Avatar Sale

Bitcoin and Ethereum enjoyed a major boost over the last week. As for blockchain games, the list of the top games, in terms of daily users, features the following projects. Splinterlands leads the pack with 355K users. Meanwhile, Alien Worlds follows in second place with 202K users. Crazy Defense Heroes claims the third spot with 150K users. Farmers World (91K users) and Galaxy Blocks (54K users) ...[Read More]

Blockchain Gaming News 3/7 | Crypto Raiders Permadeath Tournament

A new week begins in the blockchain games ecosystem. The list of the most popular blockchain games consists of the following games. Firstly, Splinterlands commands the top spot with 363K users. Alien Worlds follows in second place with 174K users. Meanwhile, Crazy Defense Heroes lands in third place with 143K users. Farmers World and Upland fill out the fourth and fifth place spots with 104K users...[Read More]

Blockchain Gaming News 1/14 | Syn City Reveals New IDO Date

The daily list of the top blockchain games shakes down in the following manner. Splinterlands remains in first place with 274K users. Alien Worlds comes in second with 203K users while Axie Infinity lands at third with 95K users. Meanwhile, Farmers World and Upland claim the fourth and fifth spots with 80K users and 64K users, respectively. In addition, Crazy Defense Heroes moves up to sixth place...[Read More]

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