Kingdom Karnage

Blockchain Gaming News 1/20 | Dinoland IDO

The list of the top five blockchain games remains the same as yesterday. However, all games showed an increase of daily players. Splinterlands still reigns supreme in the top spot, gaining 3.33% from yesterday. Alien Worlds experienced a 3.88% increase, coming in at number two. Axie Infinity claimed third place, seeing a growth of a whopping 17.33%. Meanwhile, Farmers World remained in fourth plac...[Read More]

Blockchain Gaming News 1/6 – Samsung Enters the Metaverse

The blockchain gaming space is enjoying tremendous support from players in the new year. As for the top blockchain games, the top four are the same as yesterday. Sunflower Farmers takes the top spot again with 340K users. Splinterlands takes the number two spot with 317K users. Alien Worlds and Axie Infinity occupy the third and fourth spots on the list with 180K and 104K users, respectively. Seve...[Read More]

Kingdom Karnage Wiki

Kingdom Karnage

Kingdom Karnage is a free to play Trading Card Game with animated turn-based combat. 2 versions are available when logging in, a normal style game and a blockchain version with items backed by cryptocurrency.

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