Blockchain Gaming News 4/28 | Splinterlands Updating Brawls

The bear market continues in the cryptocurrency space as seven of the top ten coins saw a drop in price. As for the top blockchain games, the list of the top five, using users as a metric, features the following projects. Splinterlands dominates the rankings with 352K users. Meanwhile, Alien Worlds follows in second place with 203K users. Farmers World occupies third place with 123K users. Galaxy ...[Read More]

Blockchain Gaming News 3/15 | Meta-World Token Burn

The crypto community continues to debate the ramifications of Biden’s executive order on cryptocurrency. Meanwhile, blockchain games thrive with the top five games, in terms of daily transaction volume, breaking down in the following manner. Axie Infinity leads the pack with $13 million. DeFi Kingdoms lands in second place with $8.62 million. Blockchain Monster Hunt follows in third place wi...[Read More]

Blockchain Gaming News 3/8 | DeFi Kingdoms Blockchain Announced

The cryptocurrency and blockchain space celebrates International Women’s Day today. As for blockchain games, the list of the top games, in terms of transaction volume, features the following projects. DeFi Kingdoms retains the top spot with $22.82 million. Meanwhile, Axie Infinity follows in second place with $12.02 million. Pegaxy claims the third spot with $1.98 million. Faraland ($1.15 mi...[Read More]

Blockchain Gaming News 2/13 | Pokemon NFT Tournament

The list of the top blockchain games over the last week breaks down in the following manner. Splinterlands remains in first place with 499K users. Alien Worlds follows in second place with 325K users. Meanwhile, Upland lands in third place with 183K users. Lastly, MOBOX: NFT Farmer and Bomb Crypto take fourth and fifth place with 167K users and 164k users, respectively. The blockchain gaming space...[Read More]

Blockchain Gaming News 2/1 | Axie Infinity Builders Program Bears Fruit

The list of the top ten blockchain games features the following – Splinterlands commands the top spot with 314K users. Meanwhile, Alien Worlds and Farmers World follow in second and third place with 168K users and 113K users, respectively. Axie Infinity follows in fourth place with 90K users, and Upland rounds out the top five with 56K users. In addition, Crazy Defense Heroes (44K users) lands in ...[Read More]

Blockchain Gaming News 1/27 | Sky Maven Launches RON

The list of the top ten blockchain games drops in the following manner. Splinterlands takes its usual top spot with 321K users while Alien Worlds follows with 255K users, Meanwhile, Axie Infinity remains in third place with 105K users, and Farmers World lands in fourth with 101K users. Upland claims the fifth spot with 71K users, and MOBOX: NFT Farmer takes sixth place with 47K users. Furthermore,...[Read More]

Blockchain Gaming News 1/13 | Duckie Land IDO Postponed

The list of the top daily blockchain games remains fairly constant. Splinterlands retains the top spot with 304K users while Alien Worlds comes in second with 215K users. Axie Infinity occupies third place with 97K users, Meanwhile, Upland takes fourth place with 89K users. However, MOBOX: NFT Farmer has moved up to fifth place, going from 26K users on January 11 to 72K users in the last 24 hours....[Read More]

Blockchain Gaming News 1/6 – Samsung Enters the Metaverse

The blockchain gaming space is enjoying tremendous support from players in the new year. As for the top blockchain games, the top four are the same as yesterday. Sunflower Farmers takes the top spot again with 340K users. Splinterlands takes the number two spot with 317K users. Alien Worlds and Axie Infinity occupy the third and fourth spots on the list with 180K and 104K users, respectively. Seve...[Read More]

Blockchain Gaming News 1/3 | DeFi Kingdoms Hits Market Cap Milestone

A new year is upon us. 2021 was a tremendous year for blockchain gaming, so there are high hopes that blockchain-based games will hit even greater heights in 2022. It’s been an active day in the blockchain gaming space. DeFi Kingdoms hits a milestone by reaching a billion dollars in market capitalization. Meanwhile, Avarobots is having a meme contest. The top blockchain gaming news for today...[Read More]

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