Blockchain Gaming News 3/4 | Snoop Dogg in The Sandbox

It’s been an interesting day in the world of blockchain gaming. The list of the top games, in terms of transaction volume, breaks down like this. Axie Infinity claims the top spot with $17.64 million. Meanwhile, DeFi Kingdoms follows in second place with $9.91 million. Pegaxy lands in third place with $2.45 million. StarSharks ($1.27 million) and MetaverseMiner ($760.4K) round out the top fi...[Read More]

Blockchain Gaming News 2/8 | New Crypto Raiders Tournaments

The list of the top five blockchain games saw some minor movement. Splinterlands continues to dominate at number one with 318K users. Meanwhile, Alien Worlds places second with 202K users. Farmers World follows in the third position with 119K users. Upland and Axie Infinity round out the top five with 58K users and 53K users, respectively. The blockchain gaming space continues to expand with new p...[Read More]

Blockchain Gaming News 1/27 | Sky Maven Launches RON

The list of the top ten blockchain games drops in the following manner. Splinterlands takes its usual top spot with 321K users while Alien Worlds follows with 255K users, Meanwhile, Axie Infinity remains in third place with 105K users, and Farmers World lands in fourth with 101K users. Upland claims the fifth spot with 71K users, and MOBOX: NFT Farmer takes sixth place with 47K users. Furthermore,...[Read More]

Blockchain Gaming News 1/25 | The Red Village Addresses Minting Issues

The blockchain gaming space continues to grow. Back on July 28, 2021, blockchain games boasted of 742.6K users. Today, the space enjoys 1.24 million users. That’s a tremendous surge in just six months. The blockchain gaming space saw a lot of action today, with giveaways and IDOs announced. Netvrk proclaimed it is now in the top 25 trending NFT collections on OpenSea. Meanwhile, The Red Vill...[Read More]

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