Sorare First Look and GameWalkthrough

Sorare is a digital collectible soccer trading card game where you can manage your team and earn prizes. There are currently 99 officially licensed clubs and counting. Big clubs such as Juventus, Athletico Madrid and Napoli are all part of this. Every card is a digital collectible with a limited quantity. Cards can be freely traded on the Sorare marketplace. Where to start? Head over to SorareR...[Read More]

Full Steem Ahead with Splinterlands Week 19

All aboard the Steem train as we bring in updates from Splinterlands. Splinterlands continues to amaze! More than 11 million games were played with cards worth over $4 million. Let’s take a look at one of the most successful crypto games and how Steem has brought it this far. Game Introduction Splinterlands is a decentralized collectible card game. Similarly to Hearthstone and Magic: the Gathering...[Read More]

Dark Country

Dark Country is an American Gothic trading card game that is on multiple blockchains. They believe the best games can be made only with the help of community. Because of that they will run a platform for users to share their game mechanics ideas, create content and participate in new games creation. Dark Country also provides various game modes based on CCG such as Classic CCG, Auto Battler mod...[Read More]

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Spirit Clash

Spirit Clash is a battle for supremacy. You must clash your way through the three spiritual cores of Mind, Body, and Soul to claim victory. The first player to control two of the cores wins the game, but your opponent won't let you take them easily. Summon Followers that will clash for your Overlord. Cast Hexes to hinder your enemies or to help yourself. Equip powerful Relics. Order clashes upon...[Read More]

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Splinterlands How To Play

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