Blockchain Gaming News 12/27 | Ubisoft Invests in Dogami

We’re in the final week of 2021. It’s been a great year for blockchain games, and 2022 is poised to be explosive for the blockchain gaming space. More games are being developed, and blockchain-based games and NFTs are making their way into the mainstream. This time of year is usually quiet in terms of development but there’s still a fair number of things going on. Ubisoft invests...[Read More]

Blockchain Gaming News 12/8 | New Axie Infinity Breeding Fees

With every passing week, blockchain gaming becomes more popular. Case in point, even mainstream companies are taking note. Ubisoft is launching NFTs for one of their games. To keep readers aware of what’s happening in the space, Funjible offers this list of top blockchain gaming news. UFO Gaming announcing a giveaway and new breeding fees for Axie Infinity are two examples. Today’s blo...[Read More]

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